• Improve spelling!
  • Personalised and flexible!
  • Develop strategies for life!
  • Popular with teachers and children!
  • Can morph into Reading, Maths and Life Zappers!
What are Zappers?
  • A Spelling Zapper is a piece of card with a grid and tricky words to spell in the spaces of the grid.
  • To make them fun they are personalised to fit in with a child’s interests.
  • Joseph loves Minions and here are two photos of his Spelling Zapper (open and folded) with the words he is struggling to spell...
  • When Joseph spells one of these tricky words correctly he will be “Zapped” in one corner, then another corner, and another........and that’s when the fun begins....
  • Find out how they work here!
Example Zapper

“Thank you so much for devising such a brilliant learning tool - Zappers have completely revolutionised our spelling. The children absolutely love them and now have total ownership over learning and practising the words we have learnt in our spelling lessons. We zap at any given opportunity. Lots of our children were reluctant to learn their spellings and we found that there was a last minute panic to cram in spellings the night before the test - this was evident through the low marks achieved. This has changed. I love the fact they are so easy to organise. What more can I say - we are now zaptastic spellers who have a lot of fun learning spellings!”

- Y6 Teacher, York

  • Reading Zappers and Times Table Zappers on their way...